23 August 2016

“Linux Platforms truly unbeatable” !!..??


A new era has ushered in the history of computers and networking as the Linus Torvald on 1992 released a UNIX like operating system LINUX as the first complete free software operating system.

Latest Interview questions for sys admins on cPanel – 4.



What is web hosting? A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center  Mention few different types of web hosting.

Opportunities in IT for B.Tech Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation graduates and other Non IT students.

The evolving job opportunities in IT through the recent years highlight the efficacy of the immense job openings in both Networking and Software sectors in minimizing the uncertainty among the technocrats in fixing a better career.  

20 June 2016

A collective MNC success from IPSR

IPSR solution is once again in the top headlines of placement news, all because of the extravagance of placements made through IPSR in the IT sector. As the scorching summer heat bid adieu for the heavy mansoon  to chill out the lands and minds of the people,  placement saga initiated by ipsr – aim an MNC... read more

21 May 2016

Underwater data centers: The revolution next

data center copy
Data Center in water, this sound to be quite ridiculous as no healthy combination could be physically worked out between water and electronics. But Microsoft the Legacy technology giant is working on a cutting edge technology to pair up a .... read more

11 May 2016

Latest Interview questions for sys admins – 3


Latest Interview questions for sys admins – 3
uname -a
Check the version of kernel running
free [option(s)]
The command free displays information about RAM and swap space usage, showing the total and the used amount in both categories.
top [options(s)]... read more

10 May 2016

IT Finishing School and the Career Edge

To find a right career is one among the top priority that a person  gives in a lifetime  Most often our professional course curriculum fails to streamline the college pass-outs with skill sets that are appropriate for the rapidly evolving industrial requirements.... read more

05 May 2016

RHEL the Best Enterprise Distros of 2016

Proprietary software was  a populist obsession among the tech lovers and tech-freaks till the advent of 21st century. Since the inception of the open source movement Linux has triggered a drastic revolution in the enterprise level as well as in the consumer space... read more

Are you ready for your dream Job?

A common statement being made across the country is that the graduate that pass out of the colleges are not job-ready and that only about 25% to 30% are employable and is successful in direct recruitment... read more

03 May 2016

Latest Interview questions for sys admins – 2


Frequently asked technical questions.

1. Explain the booting process in linux.

The system BIOS checks the system and launches the first stage boot loader on the MBR of the primary hard disk... read more